Flowtious Soul Yoga pronounced (Flow-Choo-Us) is an online/mobile yoga studio based out of Durham, North Carolina founded by Tiana Sherrod CYT 500. 

Flowtious Soul Yoga embodies what it means to practice mindfulness and allow yourself to be fully present in your journey and experience in mind, body and spirit. As the owner of Flowtious Soul Yoga, Tiana’s mission is to create a safe and inclusive environment dedicated to promoting yoga and holistic wellness practices such as mediation, breath-work, sound baths and more.  

Tiana has practiced yoga for over 10 years and enjoyed the ease, relaxation and clarity it has provided her. Tiana is a mental health, wellness and healing advocate, with a special interest in promoting mindfulness, rest and stillness in the Black community.  She aims to create a safe and trauma-informed space for individuals to explore alternative ways of prioritizing self-care and healing. Tiana is passionate and committed to raising awareness of the benefits of mindfulness, holistic wellness, stillness and yoga with the intention of empowering others to take control of their mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Flowtious Soul Yoga provides a range of services, including Corporate Wellness Yoga Classes, Yoga for Non-Profit Organizations, Fun Yoga & Mindfulness Program for School & Youth,  Popup Yoga Classes with Community Partners, Prenatal yoga, Private 1-1 sessions and group Yoga.

When you attend her classes, it is her hope that you have the autonomy and freedom you need to honor your body and practice yoga in the way that feels best to you! She hopes you feel there is space for you, you are seen, heard and valued for the body you show up in.

Your body, your choice, your rules. That’s your practice. What happens on the mat is your business and we love that for you!

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